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An Introduction to Animal Chiropractic

So, you’re thinking about getting Spot adjusted? Here’s some information to help you feel confident you are making the best decision for your pet.

Although animal chiropractic can be similar to adjusting humans, there are some main differences.

1. Animal chiropractors don't use the same table that we use for people. Small animals are treated on an adjusting block, which is a small rectangular structure that is the perfect size for small and medium size dogs. Larger dogs however may be adjusted on the floor.

2. There's no cracking involved! Our joints often make a cracking or popping sound when they're moved in a certain way. One theory is that the air between our joints gets compressed during an adjustment and that causes the popping sound. It's not a good or a bad thing and is not necessary for a chiropractic adjustment. In fact, many chiropractic methods use different methods that are very gentle and do not cause any popping or cracking sounds to be made. Animal joints, while similar to ours, fit together slightly differently and no sound is created when these are gently compressed during an adjustment.

3. A full exam, including reflexes, gait analysis, palpation and checking ranges of motion are done on animals, just like they're done on people in a chiropractic office.

4. There are times when an animal adjustment cannot be completed because the animal is feeling stressed and anxious and we must stop in the middle of an adjustment. This can happen because the animal in not okay with strangers touching them or they have some sore spots that put them on guard. We always respect how the animal is feeling and at the second appointment, the animal is usually much more comfortable and there are no further issues.

5. Animals don't need as many adjustments as humans do. A typical cat or dog can benefit immensely from between 4 and 8 adjustments. Sometimes, for IVDD cases or other severe conditions, I'll need to see your pet a few times a week. But for most animals, a weekly visit will do until the condition resolves. From there, maintenance treatments every quarter (or monthly for a senior pet) are a great idea!

6. Dogs and cats get a treat at the end and people do not. :)

These are a few of the main differences between animal and people adjustments. If you're unsure if your pet could benefit from chiropractic care, we are happy to chat with you via phone or email.

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